Topo-Bathy Surveys to Assess Beach Replenishment


In 2013, the Carteret County beach towns of Pine Knoll Shores and Emerald Isle, in conjunction with the Carteret County Shore Protection Office, received funding to replace sand lost from a beach renourishment project due to Hurricane Irene. Geodynamics performed a rapid-response beach and hydrographic survey immediately following the hurricane to quantify sand losses attributable to Irene and thereby satisfy FEMA requirements for reimbursement.

To support Great Lakes Dredge & Dock beach replenishment efforts, Geodynamics first provided a pre-construction hydrographic survey of the borrow area and georeferenced photo and video of the beach sections. With three hopper dredges bringing material to the beach concurrently, Geodynamics’ before-dredge, after-dredge, and conditional topographic and hydrographic surveys to document beach fill volumes were critical to assessing project progress.

In addition to providing project survey control throughout the project, Geodynamics also assisted with grade stake set and logging, and collected Mean High Water contour surveys. Following completion of construction, a multibeam hydrographic survey of the borrow area was completed to assess the volume of sediment removed. Aerial photographs were collected during and following construction to assess beach fill.


Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Company
Bogue Banks, NC
Topo-Bathy Surveys to Assess Beach Replenishment