Hydrographic Surveys and Cultural Resource Investigation


US Army Corps of Engineers, Wilmington District


Rodanthe, NC


Hydrographic, Geophysical


Beach profiles, multibeam, sidescan, magnetometer, and ROV surveys to assess sand resources and identify submerged cultural resources.


Meridian Ocean Services

Tidewater Atlantic Research


Geodynamics was contracted by the USACE Wilmington District to perform high-resolution marine remote sensing surveys (including beach face topo/bathy surveys, sidescan sonar survey, multibeam hydrographic survey, and magnetometer survey), archaeological research and subsequent ROV video ground truthing of the seabed offshore of Rodanthe, NC.

The survey area included 5.2nmi2 of seabed located approximately 0.5 to 3nmi offshore. The multibeam bathymetry data was collected in accordance with IHO S-44, USACE standards and included collection of acoustic backscatter data to identify areas of complex seafloor morphology, areas of potential archaeological concern, bedforms, and likely surface sediment type. To understand volumes and underlying geology, reflectors were identified using seismic sub-bottom data.

The cultural and environmental information collected will allow the USACE to satisfy the requirements identified in the Essential Fish Habitat (EFH) provision of the MSFCMA and the Protection of Historic Properties provision of Section 106 of the NHPA and the Federal Abandoned Shipwreck Act for the project consultation process. Data provided included target identification of potential cultural resources and potential environmentally sensitive zones within the subaqueous portions of the project area. Geodynamics worked in conjunction with BOEM to obtain all necessary mapping permits and transmitted updates through permit close out.