Hydrographic Surveys of Morehead City State Port Shipping Berths


NC Port Authority


Morehead City, NC


Hydrographic, Topgraphic, GIS


High-resolution bathymetric surveys before, during, and after rock placement at scoured shipping berths.


Weeks Marine


Geodynamics performed high-resolution multibeam, singlebeam, and topographic surveys at the Morehead City State Port. Surveys took place before, during, and after rock placement at scoured shipping berths. Surveys were immediately processed to continually update the construction template.

Geodynamics was contracted by Weeks Marine and URS Corporation from January to March, 2008 to perform topographic stationing, singlebeam hydrographic surveys, and multibeam hydrographic surveys of shipping berths surrounding the North Carolina State Port in Morehead City. A total of 13 separate hydrographic surveys were performed to establish baseline conditions, provide interim survey reports, and supply a final hydrographic survey upon completion of construction. Geodynamics utilized a continuously operating RTK-GPS base station, site-calibrated and setup specifically for the project as well as the State of North Carolina Geodetic Surveys’ VRS network solutions. Geodynamics also utilized their EM3002 multibeam sonar, CV100 singlebeam sonar, and Trimble 5700 RTK-GPS systems. Geodynamics’ surveys, processing, GIS, and data analysis efforts provided contractors with superior and critical information by which to complete their project goals.

In 2012 Geodynamics was contracted to perform special order Multibeam surveys of the Morehead City Port to assess the overall condition of the bathymetry within the ship berths. The sequential datasets allow engineers to have a better understanding of the dynamics of sediment transport and erosion within the shipping port. Clearance surveys are essential for keeping shipping channels and berths safe and clear of any obstructions that would be hazardous to navigation.

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