Inlet Surveys of Beaufort and Barden Inlets


US Army Corps of Engineers,
Wilmington District Office


Carteret County, North Carolina


Hydrographic, Topographic, GIS


100% bottom coverage bathymetric mapping and seamless Digital Elevation Model (DEM) surface based on merge of multibeam and singlebeam sonar with beachface topographic data.


Greenhorne & O’Mara, Inc.


Over a large area with complex and dynamic shallow water regions, Geodynamics performed high-resolution multibeam, singlebeam, and topographic surveys of Beaufort and Barden Inlets in order to generate a highly accurate Digital Elevation Model for sediment management purposes. Geodynamics teamed with Greenhorne & O’Mara, Inc. to perform high-resolution hydrographic surveys at Beaufort and Barden Inlet, North Carolina, for the USACE Wilmington District. The datasets represent the most current and high-resolution survey efforts at both inlets. The DEMs created from these high-resolution surveys have allowed the client to accurately understand sediment transport and wave transformation, and to make more accurate pre- and post-dredge volume calculations. Our Simrad EM3002 dual head multibeam system was used to collect high-resolution bathymetry data for an 18.6-sq. mile region at Beaufort Inlet, encompassing the navigation channel, ebb tidal delta, and the flood tidal delta of the Inlet system. Our multibeam system, topographic surveying systems, and shallow water singlebeam survey systems combined with our local insight of Barden inlet allowed us to perform the 6.3-sq. mile Barden Inlet survey in such a way to produce the most accurate digital elevation model possible.