Carteret County Coastal Mapping Portal


Carteret County Shoreline Protection Office


Carteret County, NC




Cornerstone GIS


Geodynamics created an online mapping portal to provide access to all pertinent GIS data acquired for Carteret County: public access points, sea turtle nesting information, or even historical hurricane tracks and their attributes, can be accessed and organized in map form at the click of a mouse.


In 2006 Geodynamics was contracted to develop, deploy, and maintain a web-based virtual beach mapping program for the Carteret County Shore Protection Office. This website brings together a wide variety of coastal science data, including shorelines, topography and bathymetry, sea turtle nesting sites, sediment sample information, and other natural resource information. The ArcIMS® initiative has two fundamental objectives; (1) to make the data interactive for the public that is easily accessible and provides almost unlimited opportunities to customize data displays relative to their specific needs, and (2) to serve as a central clearinghouse of all coastal data relative to Carteret County for both the SPO/Beach Commission and the consultant, regulatory, and research sector that have a strong need to readily access information. This is the first initiative of this type for coastal North Carolina.