NGS Leveling Course

March 20, 2017

In March 2017, Geodynamics team members attended a 3-day Geodetic Leveling course at the NGS Corbin Training Center in Corbin, VA. The class covered many topics, including leveling history and theory, modern equipment and techniques, digital level operation and data collection.  Participants also learned how to process leveling data, prepare station descriptions, and submit data to NGS. Based on participation in the NGS course, Aron Lemke has prepared leveling mini-courses and practice exercises to provide in-house training to the entire Geodynamics team.  These skills will be used for digital leveling and tide gauge installation, and to improve daily survey operation.

Vessel Retrofit Completed

February 6, 2017

Over the winter season, Geodynamics’ vessel R/V 4-Points underwent a comprehensive retrofit to improve boat systems, equipment, and operator comfort. To provide more power for onboard systems with less noise and emissions, a Fischer Panda 6.5kW marine generator was installed.  The Odom 200kHz singlebeam transducer was moved from an over-the-side mount to a flush in-hull mount, allowing for faster data collection speeds and faster transits between collection areas.  Inside the cabin, the data collection desk was removed and replaced with a taller operator station that is forward looking.  Captain and operator chairs were replaced with upgraded chairs for comfort during long survey days.  A custom sliding shock-mounted computer rack was also added in the data processing station, it is designed to allow easier cabling and equipment installation and removal.  All in all, the improvements were a success, and enhance both surveyor experience and ease of data acquisition.

Our Office is Expanding

September 10, 2016

Geodynamics is growing! Over the next few months, we will be busting out a few walls and making our current vessel and equipment facility a bit bigger.  By adding two additional vessel bays, we will be able to more easily mobilize and prepare for simultaneous task orders that require different equipment.  In November, Geodynamics also purchased an additional lot in the Carteret County Industrial Park.  Located directly across the street from our current office, this space will eventually provide extra room to grow as Geodynamics continues to add staff and equipment.

Sidescan & Sub-Bottom Training held with Edgetech

June 20, 2016

Geodynamics hosted two days of customized on-site sidescan and sub-bottom sonar training in June 2016. Led by experienced instructor Gary Kozak, the intensive hands-on session focused on EdgeTech sidescan and sub-bottom sonar data acquisition and processing in SonarWiz.  Because our staff are all experienced with hydrographic and sidescan operations, this training focused on advanced user skills related to survey design and planning, sonar tuning and calibration during operation, and data processing skills.    This training was supported by a NCWORKS Incumbent Worker Training Grant.

US Hydro 2015

March 20, 2015

The national capital was host to the biannual US HYDRO conference from March 16-19, 2015.  Geodynamics’ research vessel R/V Benthos was stationed on the pier to host on-water demonstrations of Kongsberg EM2040C and M3 multibeam echosounders.  In addition, Geodynamics’ scientists Dave Bernstein and Ben Sumners were selected for technical sessions and poster presentations, with topic s including hydrographic surveys in support of archaeological site preservation, strategies for overcoming systematic GPS interference during shallow water multibeam surveys, and GIS methods for displaying and distributing sidescan sonar data products efficiently for multiple users.