Highly accurate data acquisition & analysis for engineering, management, and research objectives.

The strength and continuing goal of Geodynamics is to provide our clients with scientific integrity and the highest level of data quality, using cutting edge technologies. Because every project has unique challenges and requirements, we are committed to being your trusted partner from survey design through final deliverable.

Accuracy, repeatability, and dependability… data quality you can rely on.

  • Coastal and nearshore remote sensing and charting using multibeam, singlebeam, sub-bottom and sidescan sonar
  • Accurate depth and volume change surveys and analysis for Ports, dredging,  and coastal engineering
  • Ship-based offshore remote sensing and oceanographic deployments
  • Long-term beach monitoring and three-dimensional shoreline mapping
  • Static & mobile laser scanning of coastal and marine infrastructure co-registered with multibeam sonar
  • Benthic habitat assessments using sonar-based remote sensing, ROV and sediment sampling techniques
  • High-end GIS analyses and database design
  • Terrestrial and marine support services including research vessels, instrument integrations and rapid response surveys
  • Seafloor mapping / monitoring to support planning and infrastructure development for offshore energy, sediment resources, and military activities