With Geodynamics, Confidence Runs Deep…

Highly accurate data acquisition & analysis for engineering, management, and research objectives.

The strength and continuing goal of Geodynamics is to provide our clients with the highest level of data quality and scientific integrity. Geodynamics’ staff is highly trained in modern hydrographic science, GIS mapping, remote sensing, marine geology and oceanography, with nationally certified GIS Professionals and ACSM-THSOA hydrographers.

Consistency, accuracy, and dependability… data quality you can rely on.


  • Coastal and offshore multibeam, singlebeam, and sidescan sonar
  • Accurate depth and volume change maps for Ports, dredging operations and coastal engineering
  • Offshore remote sensing and oceanographic deployments
  • 2D & 3D beach mapping with VRS and RTK-GPS
  • Seafloor mapping / monitoring to support offshore energy planning and infrastructure development
  • Benthic habitat assessments using remote sensing, georeferenced ROV and sediment sampling techniques
  • High-end GIS analyses and database design including Digital Elevation Modeling and datum-derived shorelines
  • Terrestrial and marine support services including research vessels, instrument integrations and rapid response surveys