High Resolution 3D Bathymetric Assessment of the Port Royal Sound Entrance


Town of Hilton Head


Hilton Head Island, South Carolina




Geodynamics performed high-resolution multibeam hydrographic and seismic surveys across a 34 square mile area at the entrance to Port Royal Sound. A detailed RTK-GPS site calibration included the establishment of a high accuracy RTK-GPS continuing operation station.




Geodynamics was contracted by the Town of Hilton Head Island under the supervision of Olsen and Associates to collect high-resolution shallow water multibeam sonar data across a 34 square mile portion of the entrance to Port Royal Sound. These surveys utilized a Simrad EM3002 multibeam sonar system compensated with an Applanix POS MV 320 v4 inertial navigation system for precise heading and motion reference. The POS MV is aided with high-accuracy positioning obtained from a Trimble 5700 real time kinematic baseline processing GPS system which provides cm-scale positioning and motion compensated real-time tidal elevations. A final digital elevation model will provide the town of Hilton Head Island and their contractors with valuable and recent information to better model and manage sediment resources near Hilton Head Island, SC.