Jacksonville Operational Range Bottom Mapping & Benthic Habitat Characterization


US Navy, NAVFAC Environmental Division


Jacksonville, Florida


Hydrographic, Geophysical, GIS, Support


Coordination of multibeam bathymetry, side scan sonar, sub-bottom profiling and marine magnetometer data along the Trunk Cable Corridor to establish an optimal cable route that avoids critical habitat areas.





Geodynamics performed high-resolution surveys of the proposed Undersea Warfare Training Range trunk cable corridor offshore of Jacksonville, FL. The Navy is interested in the benthic/sub-benthic environments and communities for this area to determine which regions of the seafloor are suitable for installation of cable and instrumentation.

Geodynamics coordinated multibeam bathymetric and geophysical surveys including monitoring of sound velocity variability and collection of multiple sediment grab samples to support seafloor and sub-bottom morphology analysis, identification of first order benthic habitat potential, and magnetic anomalies. Nearly 52 nmi2 of seafloor survey was surveyed during a two-week field effort despite difficult sea state conditions. Bathymetric and backscatter data was collected using a Kongsberg EM3002 single and dual head multibeam system, with 100% bottom coverage obtained in areas identified as critical. Precise positional information for the various vessel-mounted sensors was accomplished via DGPS and an Applanix inertially-aided motion reference unit. All data collected was delivered in a GIS database format for easy access and analysis by the Client.