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The research vessel 4-Points is a custom fiberglass survey boat designed specifically for shallow water sonar, acoustic Doppler current profiling, seismic and many other sedimentological and biological operations. The vessel was built from the ground up by Geodynamics and boasts a top speed of 30 knots while maintaining deck and cabin space to host up to 4 scientists comfortably during extended operations.
RV 4-Points with multibeam sonar
RV 4-Points (illustrating electronic davit arm)
RV 4-Points
RV 4-Points (extensive deckspace)
RV 4-Points Helm Station
RV 4-Points Work Station
Technical Specifications

• Custom Built Vessle from Lookout Boatworks
o 28’ in length
o 10’ beam
o <1’ draft
o Ultra clean twin four stroke engines
o 4 kW generator power onboard
o All electronics and generators are grounded to the sea via a bottom mounted bonding plate virtually eliminating all electrical noise

o Engineered multibeam and ADCP boom mount (Hench, et. al, 2000 “A portable retractable ADCP boom-mount for small boats”. Estuaries, 23 (3): 392-399)
o Climate controlled pilot and laboratory space
o Vessel can be trailered to any location along the East and Gulf coasts as well as the Great Lakes region


152 Hawthorne Drive - Pine Knoll Shores, North Carolina 28512 - 252-247-5785

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